Foosball Tips: Win your next kicker tournament!

Here in Germany, foosball, a.k.a. kicker, is a popular pastime along with drinking¬†or unique cars. Some bars hold tournaments or have pay-for-play tables. This post on foosball tips was even inspired by a well-placed table at a holiday party! Whether you’re a total beginner or want to get even better, these foosball tips will help you get on top of your game in no time.

Foosball Tips: Table Setup

A typical foosball table. Photo by: Jean-no

Beginner’s foosball tips

First and foremost. No spinning. This shouldn’t even count as foosball tips, but it has to be said. Whipping the foosball rod around at 100 RPM is bad form. On top of that, if you miss the shot your men are out of control and can’t get back to a blocking position quickly. Also, spinning can damage the table, and that would be very, very bad juju.

Next: if you can’t spin, work on a wrist flick. It’s important to shoot the ball hard, after all. And to counter the out-of-control aim a spin gets you, practice passing the ball between your own foosmen. That way, you’ll be able to get the ball where you need it for a killer wrist flick.

Third of the foosball tips is: take your time. You have 15 seconds before you’re required to move. Use that time to aim or to set up a killer shot. More on killer shots below…

Foosball tips for the experienced

Try your hand at a snake shot, which keeps it legal by rotating just less than 360 degrees. No spinning.

Be the best at one shot, not fifth-best at five shots. Better to have one shot that’ll work 90% of the time than to try for three shots that each have a 30% success rate.

And most importantly, go out and play against people who are better than you. That’s the only way you’ll be able to keep improving. Find a bar with a Kickertisch and have fun.

Foosball Tips table for 11

Table for 11, please! Massive setup in Berlin. Photo by: ProhibitOnions

More foosball tips

If you can’t get enough foosball tips, there are a few specialist websites out there. Try Quora‘s page on the topic, or the extensive FAQs and tips on FoosManchu.

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