Hamburg Dungeon

 Hamburg Dungeon
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Hamburg is a German city with an interesting history to boot. There are many things to do in Hamburg, but to get a glimpse of its history, visitors have a number of options: they can go visit the aptly-named Museum of Hamburg History, or the Emigration Museum Ballinstadt. Then there’s the Hamburg Dungeon. Some label it as a torture museum, others a history lesson, but with such a name, you can leave much to the imagination. Labelling itself as “better than a sightseeing tour of Hamburg” while guaranteeing a “scarily fun time”, the Hamburg Dungeon offers guests a 90-minute journey through Hamburg’s darkest history. And it won’t be pretty, as visitors get to “meet” the gruesome characters of Hamburg’s past.

The tour occurs in both English and German, and includes 11 live shows with live actors, 2 rides and more. The Hamburg Dungeon skips the boring bits of Hamburg’s history with the actors’ gripping storytelling, exciting rides and state-of-the-art special effects.

A warning comes with joining a tour of the Hamburg Dungeon. On its website, it states that children younger than 10, those with a heart condition or guests of a nervous disposition should look elsewhere. Otherwise, they welcome everyone else and highly recommend to book in advance.

This year also marks its 13th anniversary, and promises to have more surprises for its visitors every 13th of the month. To begin, the Hamburg Dungeon will offer reduced prices every 13th of month, with tickets at  €13 instead of €23. This year will also see two ‘Friday the 13ths, one in September and another in December, and their crew is still busy planning an “unforgettable” event for its visitors on these dates.

The Hamburg Dungeon is a must-see if you want to have a thrilling and fun cruise through Hamburg’s history. While the entrance fee may be steep for some, take advantage of their discounts this year, and plan a visit on Friday the 13th if you can!

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