Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart

Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart

Photo by: Ondřej Mika

Think of Germany and you’ll most likely think of cars. Think of German cars and you’ll definitely think of Mercedes Benz.

Part of the “German Big 3″ which includes BMW and Audi,  Mercedes Benz is one of the world’s best-selling luxury automobile manufaturers. It is headquartered in Stuttgart, one of Germany’s most popular cities, where the Mercedes Benz Museum is also appropriately located.

Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart is a car aficionado’s dream, with nine floors and about 17,000 m² of exhibition space. Guests shouldn’t be misled by the museum’s futuristic, modern look: visitors are taken through 120 years of automotive history and are treated to a feast of vintage and modern cars alike, a testament to Daimler-Benz’ illustrious past and present. Among the historic cars on display at the Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart are the legendary Silver Arrows, and the cars of the German Emperor Wilhelm II and Japanese Emperor Hirohito.

Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart will also appeal to any architecture fans. Interestingly designed, the museum is housed in a rounded Reuleaux triangle with an atrium designed like a DNA double helix. Visitors are taken on a winding tour that starts from top to bottom, through nine floors of Mercedes Benz history. Visitors can choose (and easily switch) between two helices: the chronogically arranged “Myth” helix, which takes visitors from the invention of the automobile to the present-day Mercedes Benz, or the “Collection” helix consisting of five rooms, which highlight the comprehensive collection of Mercedes Benz automobiles made to date. Notable cars on display range  from the famous “Millipede” LP333 truck  to Pope John Paul II’s “Popemobile”.  At the bottom is an exhibition called “Fascination of Technology”, which isn’t part of the tour but offers guests a glimpse into the working lives of Daimler’s developers and engineers, hence a glimpse into the future of Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart is a must for car aficionados, and a unique treat to any traveler in Stuttgart. Check out their website for more information to help you plan the ultimate pilgrimage.

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