Oktoberfest Hannover

Oktoberfest Hannover

Photo by: Patrick Heina

Is Oktoberfest Munich getting too mainstream for you? Then head to Oktoberfest Hannover this year.

One can’t think of Germany without associating it with beer, and along with the many festivities that celebrate the mighty fine drink.  Oktoberfest is probably the first to come to mind, and undoubtedly so: a festival that runs for sixteen days is a respectable homage to any beverage.  Oktoberfest hails from Munich, where it was first celebrated, and merrymakers flood the city in millions, year after year, to partake in the jubilant atmosphere and experience a piece of German culture.

The good news is, you don’t have to come only to Munich to have a taste of Oktoberfest. In cities worldwide, Oktoberfest celebrations commence right around the time festivities are abuzz in Munich, from the last week of September to the first weekend of October. And in Germany, there’s another Oktoberfest celebration that most people may not have heard of, but is one that is definitely worth a try:  Oktoberfest Hannover.

Despite existing in the shadows of its Bavarian counterpart, Oktoberfest Hannover is still the third largest Oktoberfest celebration in the world, attracting more than a million guests per year. While considerably smaller than Munich, it still boasts 160 rides and inns, two large beer tents that seat more than a thousand people each, and a plethora of other vendors.

This year, Oktoberfest Hannover is back at the Schützenplatz from September 27 to October 13, according to its recently updated website. Doors are open everyday, from 2pm ’til 11pm to 12:00am (or 1:00am, if you’re in a tent), so there’s plenty of time to soak it all in. Every Friday at 9:45, there will also be fireworks to sparkle your night.

Getting to Hannover is also not an issue, as it is served by major bus lines and the Deutsche Bahn. Will you be in Germany? Then Oktoberfest is a must-see in Germany and one of the best things to do in Hannover. There are still plenty of details to come as Oktoberfest Hannover nears, so bookmark their site, and make sure to get your tickets early!

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