Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

Where in the world is the world’s largest miniature train set? The answer is Germany. Specifically, in Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg. Germans might love trains as much as they love cars. It only makes sense for Germany to hold a world record for trains.

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg is not only the world’s largest model railway. It’s also northern Germany’s most visited permanent exhibition. There are eight complete sections, and three more in the works. They have a model of Hamburg, an airport, Scandinavia and Austria, and a section modeled after the U.S. The newest additions to Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg will be Italy, France and England.

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg with visitors

The Hamburg section. Photo by: Tobias Grosch

The best time to visit Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

According to the website of Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, book in advance to avoid a long wait time. You can also visit on a quiet day. Weekdays will be less busy.

No matter when you go, make time to visit. It’s the only time you’ll see Mount Rushmore next to Cape Canaveral. And it’s the only place that’s managed a direct train from Hamburg to the U.S.!

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg facts and figures

Here are some interesting and amazing numbers about this modeled world.

  • The Las Vegas piece of the America section uses one-tenth of all the exhibit’s lights.
  • The modeled mountains of the Swiss Alps are 5-6 meters high.
  • The Scandinavia section uses real water, and simulates changes in the tide every 30 minutes!
  • The 40 planes in Knuffingen airport actually taxi, take off and land. This section took more than 6 years to construct.
  • There are currently about 13,000 meters of track laid. That’s over 8 miles!

If you are in northern Germany and are a fan of model trains, or are looking for an indoor activity in Hamburg, the Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg should absolutely be on your to-do list.

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